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What is secure exchange?

al-ver What is secure e-commerce?

As Turkey's first online raw material buying and selling platform, al-ver.com, we remedy the erosion of trust in the market with our secure buy-and-give system. It is a guaranteed payment method that provides an element of trust between the buyer and the seller. As Al-ver, we implement the system in which the buyer or seller, in which we assume the role of guarantor, cannot complete the payment processes unless they fully fulfill their commitment. We wanted the buyer and seller to complete the trade process without any problems. While the seller can safely sell the product with this method, the buyer will be able to buy the product safely with this method.

How does secure exchange work?

The buyer uploads the requested documents to the system with the secure buy-give option and sends them to the seller's approval. After the seller confirms that he will submit the requested documents, the buyer's payment process begins. After the payment is made, the seller delivers the product and uploads the requested documents to the system. The control and inspection of the documents uploaded to the system is carried out by the al-ver.com team. Documents found to be inaccurate or incomplete by the system are requested to be rearranged. The payment is automatically transferred to the seller's account after the documents confirmed by the system acting as the guarantor here. Al-ver.com is not responsible for delays and deficiencies in the uploading of documents. The buyer and the seller determine the terms and criteria of the trade between themselves, al-ver.com only fulfills the duty of intermediary, guarantor and controller. After the secure buy-give selection is made, in case of abandonment, the commission fee will be deducted after the transaction and the remaining payment will be made to the parties.


You can make your payment with your credit card or by bank transfer. You can follow the payment you have made from the information mail sent to the e-mail address you specified during the membership process.

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